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Congratulations to everyone who has completed the challenge so far and particularly the following people who hold the record for their category. We had some incredible times posted in the summer, most notably by Robert Baldwin, Dougie Wainwright & Tricia Palmer-Lewis who all completed the challenge in sub 40 minutes. The current overall record holder though is former Scotland rugby Captain Rob Wainwright who completed the course in an incredible 28 minutes and 38 seconds!! We suspect  these records may be standing for some time!!

The individual challenge is open to anyone at anytime*. Starting from the main entrance to the Inn the challenge is simply to get to the top of the Wisp and back in the fastest possible time.

Categories are male / female as follows :

Junior - 12 years and under

Young Athlete - 13 to 18

Athlete - 19 - 35

Veteran - 36 - 50

Super Veteran - 51 - 65

Senior - 66 and over

*For a time to be official the attempt must be witnessed by an employee of the Inn or an appointed representative. Please provide as much notice as possible when planning an attempt. There are no charges but we do ask that anyone taking part make a small donation to MNDS Scotland and in return we'll make the facilities of the Inn available to you and your group.

individual challenge

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Individual Challenge