terms, conditions & house rules


Standard check in is at 4pm on the day of arrival. Early check in is available from 1pm at additional cost of £100. Customers must vacate the premises by 11am on the day of departure - late check out (up to 2pm) is available at an additional cost of £100. Both must be arranged and agreed at least 1 week prior to your stay.

It is important that the person making the booking and responsible for the deposit is the first to arrive so that they can be shown around the property to go through the house rules. Should the person making the booking not be the first of the group to arrive they can delegate this responsibility to another member of the group by letting us know by email at least 1 week prior to arrival. Members of your group arriving before this person has arrived.


The Inn is currently available for exclusive use at £700 per night. Damage deposits are also required and the level will be determined at the time of your booking. Obviously we will ask for higher deposits from stag's / hens, and large groups of adults etc. This is at our discretion and should we feel that we require further deposit at any time during your stay for any reason (because we feel that your group is different to what we agreed / excessive energy use / damage / inappropriate behaviour etc.) we reserve the right to ask for this. Refusal to pay additional deposit when requested will result in your group being asked to leave without refund.

The price includes exclusive use of the accommodation and facilities, bed linen and one toilet role for each of the toilets. Towels are not provided but we are able to sell these at £5 each from the old hotel stock.

Booking Mosspaul and payment of your initial deposit confirms acceptance of our terms and conditions. Your deposit is non refundable in the event of cancelation and we would advise all guests to take out suitable holiday insurance.

Music / Noise

We have a very powerful music system. During the day and up to midnight there are no restrictions on the music equipment / noise etc. After midnight we ask that windows are kept closed and that the music system is not turned up above the level indicated (which ensures that the base can't be heard at our neighbours).

Heating and energy

In order to keep our prices low for all guests we make additional charges for guests who require higher than average energy usage. When required the heating system is setup to heat the rooms overnight and is switched off during the day. The downstairs is heated by a large log burner in the lounge area. Wood is available to purchase from us at £4 per net although customers may prefer to bring their own fuel with them. Should you require the heating system to be on 24 hours per day we will make an additional charge of £25 per day. Customers must not alter the settings on the heating or hot water system.

Please ensure that all lights, and any electrical equipment is switch off when not in use. The owners will enter the building in order to switch off an equipment that has obviously been left switched on and will levy an additional charge of £50 per booking (deductible from deposit) where guests repeatably or excessively waste energy.


We do accept dogs although this must be agreed at the time of booking and will incur an additional charge of £50 in order to cover the additional cleaning normally required. Where guests bring more than 1 dog again, this must be agreed at the time of booking and may be subject to further additional charges at our discretion.

Pets are not allowed in the kitchen or the passageway outside the kitchen. This is not only for hygiene reasons but also for the safety of the animal should there be pest control substances present near to food storage areas.

Owners should also take care when exercising their dogs around Mosspaul due to our proximity to the A7 trunk road and the presence of sheep in the area.

Fire safety

Your group must nominate a fire officer or fire officers, one of whom should always be present whilst members of your group are here. They should make themselves aware of the location of fire fighting equipment, exits and ensure that all guests gather to the front of the building in the event of a fire so that we can ensure that all guests are safely outside of the building.


Please ensure that you leave the house as you found it including a clean kitchen and that you have replaced anything that has been moved during your stay. Should you need to adjust the setup of any electrical equipment in the media room please also ensure that this is left as found for the next guests. Guests are not required to clean out the log burner due to the mess that it can make so this is the one exception.

Any glass bottles must be place in the metal recycling bins, cardboard, tins and plastic must be place in the wheelie bin with the blue lid and general rubbish in the other two wheelie bins. PLEASE ENSURE THAT RUBBISH IS PLACED IN THE CORRECT BINS.

Should we be required to carry out and cleaning or sort any rubbish etc. this will be charged at £15 per hour and deducted from your deposit.